Speckled Background

Pennant/Banner Making


1 - 2 hours

Got something to say? Put it on a Pennant or Banner!

Using fabric, felt, iron on vinyl, and all the fringing! Participants will have the opportunity to cut and adorn their very own no-sew pennant or banner around something important to them. ​ To be able to produce crisp lettering as part of their piece, I'll be offering the use of a Cricut Cutting Machine for the workshop, allowing attendees to experience a tool that is becoming ever more common in the career creatives arsenal. This workshop is great for promoting individual creativity and lends well to being paired with a social issue or event. For instance pronoun/rainbow based pennants during PRIDE, or protesting pennants during 16 Days of Activism. ​ *This workshop will require the use of an Iron/hot glue gun which will be used under facilitator supervision.