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A project born out of Melbourne's most recent lockdown, the Party Hat Parade features a collection of crafted party hats from fictitious locations I'd personally like to party at. 

A staggered release of work beginning July '21, check back for free downloadable versions.   

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To keep myself preoccupied during Melbourne's very first lockdown, I started making a word search a day, inspired by Instagram suggestions.

Ending as the restrictions eased. I made 60 in total, all of which you can download for free here!

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Born out of an endeavour to create a pair of personalised glasses back in 2017, It's quickly become an annual tradition!


Each pair are their own little time capsule - referencing my life and existing trends of the times. 

Before I discovered my love of delivering nostalgic events, there was Scribble Jewellery - an accessory business born out of my desire to turn childhood treasures into wearable pieces.   

Here you can explore part of the collection, and learn how to make your own.

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a.k.a freelance. View some of the events/ projects I've worked on.


A collection of personal craft, illustration and DIY projects.


View immersive, interactive events and experiences I've worked on.


A collection of one off makes 

Speckled Background

Folio available on request. Currently open to freelance and short contract opportunities.