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The Crafty Coordinator

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'She knows handmade stuff, she knows tools. All the stuff to make the vision come alive.'


Maybe you can relate..

You have a clear vision for your wedding day, but finding vendors who align with your desired aesthetic has proven to be challenging.

You've chosen to take on some DIY projects for your wedding, but are in need of guidance in finding the necessary materials and getting started with your creations.

After months of dedicating time and effort to creating personalised DIY elements for your special day, you now find yourself in need of someone reliable to oversee the setup of the venue on the wedding day.

Due to time constraints, you find yourself in need of assistance in completing the final touches of your wedding vision.

Here's how I can help

Creating a comprehensive guide that includes suggestions for DIY projects, step-by-step instructions for implementation, and recommendations for reputable vendors and businesses to assist in bringing your vision to life.

Providing assistance in organszing and executing your DIY projects by managing timelines, procuring bulk materials, conducting hands-on workshops with your bridal party, and offering expert guidance on proper installation techniques.

Overseeing the final setup and styling of your DIY projects and sourced items, working closely with vendors to ensure everything is placed and arranged according to your vision. And providing support during the end-of-event breakdown process.


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