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Hired as the Prop Doctor for Sugar Republic's debut event in 2018, I was promoted to Event Designer in 2019 with a hands on approach to the design and build across a plethora of projects.

Ending my position in April '21, click through to see more. 


An immersive Trivia event celebrating all things Simpsons - the night included interactive worksheets, video format answer videos and some of our favourite shorts where shown between rounds. Guests were treated to Duff Beer, alcoholic Squishee and the Love-O-Metre determined if they were a Hot Tamale, or more commonly, a cold fish. 

An afternoon of floral arranging in the picturesque setting of Sarah's backyard. 


Guests were shown how to make their own native flower crown, before a spot of high tea and the chance to design their own custom bouquet.



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A collection of personal craft, illustration and DIY projects.


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Speckled Background

Folio available on request. Currently open to freelance and short contract opportunities.