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Let's be honest - The manufacturing of NYE glasses are a huge waste of resources! Each year, thousands of tacky designs are made for the strict purpose of being relevant for a single night before being tossed in the bin. ahem, but I also kinda love them for what they signify. 


This ethical predicament led me to the conclusion in 2017 that I should try and make my own, and truthfully I've never looked back! It's been a fun tradition to keep as it encourages reflect on the year that was, and what I want to manifest for the year ahead (which you might just pick up if you read about each years designs)! 

This project is a slow burn, but I'm so excited by my growing collection and how different they look each year. Definitely consider doing this for yourself if you can!


With the COVID lockdowns of 2020 impacting the ability to open the Museum of Love (a Sugar Republic project) and needing to postpone my wedding, I wanted to manifest nothing but lovely things with my '21 glasses. 

Unfortunately the glasses are currently proving to be lightly more romanticised than the year (ha!)


In 2020 I opted for a clean and colourful design in lieu of a themed pair, as I wanted the symmetry of the glasses to shine through in the design. 

Mid year, COVID and peak lockdown inspired a second iteration of the glasses which you can view here


In June of 2018 I began my journey with Sugar Republic, an incredible role that exposed me to the pure joy and nostalgia people had for lollies and Australian Milk Bar culture.

These glasses were made in celebration of my first 6 months, and in excitement for the year ahead which saw me working across the country in a whirlwind of colourful creativity.


My very first design - The Balloon Glasses - came after one of the hardest years of my life. I was ready to re-enter the events industry and was actively trying to manifest a career in the creative event industry!

This is unfortunately a quick redraw of my original glasses (as they've since been lost to poor file management)... 


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Speckled Background

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