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Paper Chrysanthemum

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I've recently developed a number of my own paper flower recipes for workshops and installation projects and wanted to share exactly how I make some of them for you to try!

This is a stemmed Paper Chrysanthemum, which was apart of a recent workshop I delivered with Frankston City Council. 

Want to make a whole bouquet? Consider trying your hand am my Paper Lavender, Paper Daisy, and Paper Gum Nut tutorials!

You'll need:

Chrysanthemum Template

Coloured Paper

Green Paper

Crepe Paper
Small Styrofoam Ball
2 x Floristry Wire

Floristry Tape

Double Side Tape


Speckled Background

Using the Chrysanthemum Template, trace and cut the petal clocks onto your choice of coloured paper. You'll need to make the larger block twice for the fluffiest results. 

Dashed lines indicate where to fringe the piece. So cut along those suggested lines being careful to not cut all the way through. 

You may cut out as many leaves as your personal preference, but to start I'd suggest 3. Pop these to the side. 


To make the flower stem, take the two pieces of floristry wire and wrap them together with floristry tape. 

Once thats completed, place your styrofoam ball onto the top. 


Place your crepe paper over the styrofoam ball, tightening the excess around the flower stem. 


 To fasten in place, take the floristry tape and wrap around the crepe paper and down part of the stem. 


Moving onto the petals. Beginning with the smaller piece, place double sided tape along the top of the strip. 

Remove the exposed side of the tape, and then begin rolling the line of petals up being sure to leave a small gap in the centre.


Using your thumb and light pressure, curl the individual petals (like how you would with a ribbon).

Repeat this process with the larger petal run. 


Once you've fed the second set of petals onto the stem, pinch the base of the petals as tightly around the wire before wrapping the base and down the stem in floral wire. 

IMG_8718 2.JPG
IMG_8718 2.JPG

To finalise the piece, add leaves along the stem wherever you like. To give the leaves some movement, repeat the thumb ribbon curling technique along them. 

and there you have it - your very own paper Chrysanthemum.  

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