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Paper Lavender

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I've recently developed a number of my own paper flower recipes for workshops and installation projects and wanted to share exactly how I make some of them for you to try!

This is stemmed paper Lavender, which was apart of a recent workshop I delivered with Frankston City Council. 

Want to make a whole bouquet? Consider trying your hand am my Paper Chrysanthemum, Paper Daisy, and Paper Gum Nut tutorials!

You'll need:

Lavender Template

Coloured Paper

Green Paper
2 x Floristry Wire

Floristry Tape

Double Side Tape


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Using the Lavender Template, trace and cut out the rectangular shape onto coloured paper. 

You may cut out as many leaves as your personal preference, but to start I'd suggest 5. Pop these to the side. 


Taking your blank colour paper cutout, fold it in half and begin fringing it along the folded edge being careful to not cut through the entire shape. 

When you've completed the above, slowly reopen the piece. 

IMG_8748 2.JPG
IMG_8749 2.JPG

Place some double sided tape along one edge of the fringed paper, bringing the other paper edge over the double sided tape two thirds of the way down. 

Complete this prep by placing another strip of double sided tape over the folded edge and exposed tape, and then put it to the side. 


To make the flower stem, take two pieces of floristry wire and wrap them together with floristry tape. 


To assemble the lavender, you will wrap the pre-assembled petals down the stem using a continuous twirling motion. 

To ensure the smoothest twirl, make sure you're taping the piece on the angle you intend to bring the petals down. 


Secure the bottom of the lavender in place with some floral tape, before attaching the leaves as desired.


And there you have it - your very own paper Lavender!


You can alter the look of the lavender by manipulating the length and width of your petal slices, creating a truly bespoke looking bunch.

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