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Christmas Crafts for a Community Lunch

I recently had the privilege of being invited to host two creative workshops for a seniors craft group at Frankston North. The first week, we made paper wreaths using pre-cut Christmas motifs, while in the second week, we made bonbons. Both projects were designed to help decorate the annual Christmas lunch put on by the Frankston North Community Centre.

During the first workshop, participants were able to create unique paper wreaths using pre-cut motifs in various holiday-themed designs. The group had a great time getting creative with their wreaths, and many attendees were impressed by the end results.

In the second week, we made bonbons, a classic holiday tradition! Participants learned how to construct the bonbons from left over wrapping paper before filling them with small treats, jokes, and a hand cut hat.

The group who primarily connect through fibre art like crochet and knitting took to the paper-craft with enthusiasm, and it was really great getting to chat and craft over the two weeks together.

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