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Untitled_Artwork 217.png
Untitled_Artwork 217.png

Scribble Jewellery was the concept of repurposing childhood favourites into wearable pieces.


Sourcing mis-matched childhood trinkets from op shops, trash and treasure markets and antique shops; I would convert them into necklaces, keychains, and Christmas ornaments. It later branched into laser cut wood brooches of iconic characters. 

I loved the treasure hunting, and giving new function to nostalgic memories.

Wanna make your own?

Untitled_Artwork 83.png

Taking your beloved (or newly acquired) trinket, try to locate the centre of gravity that will create a balanced hanging point. 

Using Bullseye as an example, I will be putting his anchor point at the front of the saddle because his front half would have more weight than his back half. 


Using either a Jewellery Screwdriver or Scalpel, create an indentation in the spot you've chosen as the centre of gravity. 

It doesn't need to be super deep, just enough for the eyelet thread to catch on. 


Untitled_Artwork 81.png
Untitled_Artwork 82.png
Untitled_Artwork 80.png

Twist a Jewellery eyelet into the spot where you've made the knick. Slightly harder plastics (like lego) might required you to twist it in with some pliers.

Finish with a chain or key chain. and enjoy!


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