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Brought in as the Prop Doctor at the inaugural Sugar Republic in 2018, I went on to tour the East Coast helping design and deliver the flagship event at locations like Myer, Pacific Fair, and Fortitude Valley Metro. I also had the pleasure of introducing new themes like the 2019 Christmasland, and The Museum of Love which launched in Sydney's The Rocks March 2021.

During 2020, Sugar Republic pivoted to deliver projects such as the Sugary themed AirBNB in Daylesford, and exhibiting a Rainbow fuelled exhibition at the Dirty Dozen Gallery in the Campbell Arcade aptly named The Rainbow Walk. 


The role of Event Designer was truly a dream come true as I built, painted and crafted my days away alongside a team of incredible creatives. ​It taught me that anything is possible, and I look forward to harnessing the skills gained into new projects and artworks moving forward.