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Treehouse of Horror
Trivia Night

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As a child of the nineties I grew up obsessed with The Simpsons, and like most my age (exemplified in the Simpsons bootleg trend in recent years), this strong sense of nostalgia has followed me into my adulthood.


So, when the opportunity to host my friends and family for Halloween came about in 2017 I knew exactly what event I wanted to host - a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Trivia Night. 


The Trivia was produced from scratch and included interactive worksheets, video format answer videos and attendee favourite shorts between rounds. Guests were treated to Duff Beer, alcoholic Squishee and the Love-O-Metre determined if they were a Hot Tamale, or more commonly, a cold fish. 

The creation and delivery of a Trivia was new territory for me, but something I overwhelming loved facilitating and would jump at the opportunity to do again. 


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The Treehouse of Horror Trivia will be available for purchase near Halloween, 2021

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Folio available on request. Currently open to freelance and short contract opportunities.